Many small business owners have chosen to form a limited liability company as an alternative to forming a corporation in order to limit their personal liability. If you operate a business as a sole proprietor or under a partnership agreement, you are entirely responsible for any debts your business have accumulated or lawsuits against your business. This means that everything you worked for, including your home, savings, and other property and possessions can be at risk. That is why many business owners contact a corporation attorney to start an LLC. LLC stands for Limited Liability Company which gives business owners protection from personal liability.

Benefits that business owners receive when they form an LLC include:
  • Limited Liability
  • Pass Through Taxation
  • Less Administrative Paperwork and Record keeping
  • National Recognition
  • Deductible Expenses
  • Flexible Profit and Loss Allocation

By hiring a corporation attorney when setting up an LLC, you will create a legal barrier between your business and your personal life. As a result, you can protect your personal finances and property from being taken away. But besides limiting your personal losses, there are many other limited liability company advantages one can benefit from if one decided to form an LLC. An additional benefit includes the tax LLC savings business owners receive when they form an LLC. Similar to a sole proprietorship or partnership, a Limited Liability Company receives pass through taxation. Pass through taxation means that the company itself does not have to pay taxes to the IRS, unlike a corporation which receives a double taxation. Instead, each owner of the company will report their own profits or losses in the company on their tax returns. There are many other financial and legal rules which govern a Limited Liability Company that can seem very complex to the average person. That is why it is important to talk to a corporation attorney to discuss your business options and a business plan that will lead you in the right direction. Our corporation attorneys are experienced in all matters relating to business law and can help you form an LLC.



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